St Paul's Giant Book Fair

30th September - 7th October

9am-4pm daily

Delbridge Hall, 129 Cunninghame Street, SALE



Desert Retreat for Body and Soul

October 8-13 2017

Sunday after lunch to Friday after breakfast

Alice Springs

Cost: $950 all inclusive

Come, rest, play and reflect in the expansiveness of our magnificent central desert.
Beside ancient red rocks, under giant river gum trees, in the sand, and around open fires we will be silent, move, make art, sing and tell stories that connect us with ourselves, each other and the spirit of the land herself.
immerse yourself....

Contact: Dean Susanna 0418 637 469 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



The Earth is the Lord's Weekend

Saturday October 21 2017

1.30pm - 5.00pm

Delbridge Hall, Cunninghame St, Sale

Cost: donation

Speakers: Jan Morgan and Rev'd Graeme Garett

Saturday 21 October

Session 1.

A God’s eye view of the world

‘Then the Lord answered Job out of the whirlwind’ (Job 38:1)

We are all familiar with the story of the book of Job. Job is a person who loves God and does what is right in God’s eyes. But he is stricken with a terrible series of troubles. His wealth is dissipated. His family is shattered. His health is destroyed. He sits for days with three friends. They talk, weep and rage about the situation. And what God is and isn’t doing about it. Then after 37 chapters of silence, God finally speaks to Job from the centre of a cyclone. What follows is the longest uninterrupted speech by God in the entire Bible. God gives Job a ‘whirlwind’ tour of the Earth as God sees it. A real eye-opener. Here is a God’s eye view of the world.

Session 2.

A bird’s eye view of God

‘Look at the birds of the air’ (Matthew 6:26)

In his famous Sermon on the Mount, Jesus asks us to look at the world about us in order to come to a deeper understanding of God. God comes to us through the world that God has made. ‘Look at the birds of the air,’ Jesus says. And ‘consider the lilies of the field’ (Matt. 6:26, 28). But what is this bird’s eye and lily eye view of God? Can these created beings really become our spiritual teachers? Can we as believers learn from them in these troubled times? This session will be very practical, not just a talk fest! We will explore what it means to pray and minister in and with the world understood as God’s living and speaking creation.


Sunday 22 October - 8am and 10am Worship

A disciple’s eye view of Jesus

‘They saw him walking on the sea’ (Mark 6:49)

Sunday worship at the Cathedral will continue with the theme for the weekend, ‘The Earth is the Lord’s.’ There will be echoes of the previous session in the worship, but if you haven’t been able to get to it, no matter. The worship will not presuppose it. The scripture focus will be the story of Jesus walking on the stormy water of Lake Galilee. What did the disciples experience when they saw Jesus coming towards them across the waves? What does this say about Jesus and God’s Earth? And what does it mean for our own faith in Jesus Christ?

To book for Saturday:
Contact Office 5144 2020 or Dean Susanna 0418 637 469
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


September 2017

24th: Pentecost 16

17th: Pentecost 15

10th: Pentecost 14

3rd: Pentecost 13

August 2017

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20th: Pentecost 11

13th: Pentecost 10

6th: Pentecost 9

July 2017

30th: Pentecost 8

23rd: Pentecost 7

16th: Pentecost 6

9th: Pentecost 5

2nd: Saint Paul

June 2017

25th: Pentecost 3

18th: Pentecost 2

11th: Trinity

4th: Pentecost

May 2017

28th: Easter 7 - Ascension

14th:Easter 5

7th: Good Shepherd Sunday

April 2017

30th: Easter 3

23rd: Easter 2

16th: Easter Sunday, no bulletin

9th: Palm Sunday

2nd: Lent 5

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February 2017

26th: Transfiguration

September 2017

24th: Pentecost 16 -

17th: Pentecost 15

10th: Pentecost 14 - Matthew 18:10-20

3rd: Pentecost 13 - Exodus 3:1-15, Matthew 16:21-28 (Ref David Lose:

August 2017

27th: Pentecost 12 -

20th: Pentecost 11 - Matthew 15:10-28

13th: Pentecost 10 - Joseph's Dream, Genesis 37:1-4, 12-28

6th: Pentecost 9 - Rev'd Nikolai Blaskow

July 2017

30th: Pentecost 8 - Sophia Diehl, Mustard Seeds, Matthew 13:31-33, 44-58

23rd: Pentecost 7 - Genesis 28:10-19

16th: Pentecost 6 - Genesis 25:19-34 (Ref: Resources for Sermons from Sarah Bachelard:

9th: Pentecost 5 - Genesis 24:34-38, 42-49, 58-67 (Ref: Resources for Sermons from Sarah Bachelard:

2nd: St Paul's Day - Acts 9:1-22

June 2017

25th: Pentecost 3 - Matthew 10:24-39

18th: Pentecost 2 - Matthew 9:35-10:8

11th: Trinity - Matthew 28:16-20

4th: Pentecost - John 20:19-23

May 2017

28th: Easter 7 - Ascension - John 17:1-11

14th:Easter 5 - John 14:1-14

7th: Good Shepherd Sunday - John 10:1-10

April 2017

30th: Easter 3 - Luke 24:13-25

23rd: Easter 2A - John 20:19-31

16th: Easter Day - Sitting with Sunflowers, Matthew 28:1-10

14th: Good Friday

13th: Maundy Thursday

9th: Palm Sunday - Bishop Kay Goldsworthy

2nd: Lent 5 - John 11:1-45

March 2017

26th: Lent 4 - John 9:1-41

19th: Lent 3 - ABM Missioner Rev'd Jasmine Dow

12th: Lent 2 - John 3:1-17

5th: Lent 1 - Matthew 4:1-11

February 2017

26th: Transfiguration

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We acknowledge the Gunaikurnai people as the original custodians of this region.
The Cathedral and the other churches of the parish stand on the lands of the Gunaikurnai people.